What information do I need to enroll in Infiniti InTouch™ Apps?

To enroll in Infiniti InTouch™ Apps, you will need a corresponding Infiniti Owner Portal account. Your Username and Password will be used to log into the app. To complete Owner Portal registration, you will need your VIN available.

How long does it take to enroll in Infiniti InTouch™ Apps?

Creating your Infiniti InTouch™ account is quick and easy. Just install the smartphone app, create your account and either pair your Android® smartphone to the vehicle or plug in your iPhone® using the USB cable. You can then customize apps and services to your liking.

I already have an Infiniti Owner Portal account. What do I need to do to add my vehicle in my garage?

To add your Infiniti vehicle to an existing Owner Portal account via 'My Garage,' you will need to have your VIN available. You can also add a vehicle to 'My Garage' by logging in to the Infiniti InTouch™ App using your existing account credentials and pairing your smartphone to the vehicle.

How do I create my Infiniti InTouch™ Apps account?

You can create your Infiniti InTouch™ Apps account either through the Infiniti InTouch™ Apps smartphone companion app for iPhone® or Android®, or through the Infiniti Owner Portal.

I am unable to activate Infiniti InTouch™ Apps in my vehicle after following instructions. What should I do?

Please contact Infiniti Owner Services for further assistance. Agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-855-444-7244.

Can I change the email I used to sign up for my owner portal account?

You can change your email address in your Owner Portal account settings.

Can I delete my Infiniti InTouch™ Apps account?

Yes, you can delete your Infiniti InTouch™ Apps account through the companion app or through the Owner Portal.

Will my personal information be stored by Infiniti InTouch™ Apps if my account is deleted?

Most of the information used for InTouch Apps is stored on your phone, so once your account is deleted, your phone and your car are no longer connected and personal information is not stored. However, in the case of Email and Calendar, appointments and messages received by the system prior to account deletion are cached and to delete them entirely from the vehicle you must delete the user account they are attached to from the Settings menu.