Which functions are limited when driving?

Driver distraction regulations may cause certain functions to be unavailable while driving. For example, keyboard entry is only available when the vehicle is stationary.

Can I type while driving?

No, the keyboard is locked out while driving for safety. However, you can use voice response and customizable preset responses.

Can I use Infiniti InTouch™ Apps while driving?

Yes, all Infiniti InTouch™ Apps are available while the vehicle is in motion, but may be modified in terms of presentation and feature availability to avoid driver distraction.

Do data and interactions while in the vehicle transfer back to the phone when texting or using the applications?

Just like a phone call, text messaging is handled via Bluetooth®. The vehicle acts as a gateway to the device, so any text that is sent or received stays on the device.

Is there a limited view or character limit when creating text messages?

The text messaging character limit that applies on your phone will also apply in the vehicle.

How can I update my Infiniti's navigation system map?

Visit Infiniti Navigation Updates to purchase your Infiniti navigation system update.