Do Infiniti InTouch™ Apps support multiple phones and drivers?

Yes, you can have different mobile devices paired via Bluetooth®, however, only one device can be connected to the vehicle at a time. Connections will be prioritized by the order in which the phones were paired to the vehicle, with the phone most recently paired receiving priority. Please see Owner's Manual for how to switch between paired phones.

Why does my iPhone® need to be connected via USB to my vehicle in order to use Infiniti InTouch™ Apps?

Apple's operating system doesn't support the full range of Bluetooth® connectivity. This is not unique to Infiniti.

I can't connect via Bluetooth® after following instructions. What can I do?

Some Bluetooth® enabled phones may have compatibility differences. Please visit the Bluetooth Information Center to view your device setup guide. For further questions, feel free to call Infiniti Consumer Affairs at 1-800-662-6200, option 7. Agents are available Monday - Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm (EST).

Will the vehicle charge my iPhone® while connected to the USB port?


Which versions of your smartphones and operating systems are supported by Infiniti InTouch?

Due to the changing versions of the operating system, please reference the Bluetooth Information Center for full compatibility.

I have a Blackberry® / Windows phone. Can I use Infiniti InTouch™ Apps?

Infiniti InTouch™ Apps is not currently available for use with Blackberry® or Windows smartphones.

How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with InTouch Apps?

Please reference the Bluetooth Information Center.

Can I use Text Messaging Assistant with any Smartphone?

Text Messaging Assistant requires a compatible smartphone - please visit the Bluetooth Information Center for compatibility. "Send Text" capability is currently only enabled for compatible Android phones. Compatible iPhone and Android phones can use Bluetooth text-to-voice technology to have texts read out loud.

I'm having trouble using my iPhone to listen to incoming text messages.

After the initial connection of the iPhone, find your vehicle’s Bluetooth name (e.g. My Q50) under the Bluetooth option in the Settings menu on your iPhone. Selecting the (i) icon will display an option for "Show Notifications". Turn this ON. Disconnect and reconnect the iPhone with the vehicle by either turning Bluetooth off and on again on your phone or turning the power off and on again on your phone. Incoming text messages should now be received by the vehicle.

I'm having trouble using my Android to send and receive text messages.

Please refer to the Bluetooth Information Center to determine if your Android smartphone is compatible with this service. If it is compatible, we recommend the following: after pairing your Android, a pop up message for "MAP request" may display. Make sure you check the "Don’t ask again" box and press "OK". You may also see a pop up message for "Contacts request" for phonebook access. Allow access to enable Text Messaging Assistant.