If two owners are in the vehicle, whose phone will connect to the vehicle?

The smartphone which was most recently connected to the vehicle will have priority when two Bluetooth® enabled smartphones are detected. For information regarding how to change the connected Bluetooth® phone, please refer to your vehicle's owner's manual.

Is my billing information retained by Infiniti InTouch™ Apps?

No personal billing information is stored by the Infiniti InTouch™ Apps companion app.

Does Infiniti InTouch™ Apps store any personal information in the car?

Infiniti InTouch™ Apps stores session information during each active session, and most of this information is removed at the start of the next Infiniti InTouch™ Apps session. In the case of Email and Calendar apps, information is cached in the system, and can be PIN protected so that others cannot view your emails or calendar appointments.

What customer information or data is collected and shared with service providers or other companies?

Infiniti InTouch™ does not collect or share any data that is identifiable to the user - data will be anonymous. Usage and frequency data of the various services available in your vehicle will be collected. For additional information, please consult the Infiniti InTouch™ Apps Terms & Conditions.

How do I opt out of marketing communications and promotions from Infiniti?

Click HERE to unsubscribe.

Where can I find Infiniti's privacy policy?

Why do I need to approve the Infiniti InTouch™ Apps Terms and Conditions?

The Infiniti InTouch™ Terms and Conditions contain important information and disclosures concerning the system's operation in addition to explaining the rights and responsibilities of both you and Infiniti. This includes information about the subscription process, billing, and data privacy. Telematics services can only be activated after you have reviewed and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

Your terms and conditions mention you may record my conversations, is that true?

When using Voice Search through some of the Infiniti InTouch Apps compatible apps, it is possible that the system may capture a conversation between the driver and the passenger while attempting to capture a command. However, this is only when the Voice Recognition technology is active. The recordings are used for quality purposes only.