Messaging Icon

With the Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant your INFINITI can read your incoming messages out loud and, through voice recognition technology, easily reply back with pre-loaded responses. [[5093]]

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls

Activate your hands-free text messaging assistant using the phone button on your steering wheel.

Listen to Messages

Say 'Read Text' to listen to a message, and 'Next Text' to hear any other messages stored in your Infiniti InTouch™ system.

Reply/Send a Message

Replying or sending a new text is simple. Say 'Send Text to James Smith' for example, and choose one of several preloaded responses.

Pre-Loaded Messages

Your vehicle comes pre-loaded with several text messages, like "On my way", "Running late", "Driving, can't text", and more.

Custom Messages

You can create your own custom messages and add them to the existing list of pre-loaded responses.