INFINITI Division of Nissan North America, Inc. (“INFINITI”) values your Privacy. Protecting your privacy is important to INFINITI. Because privacy and consumer trust are important to us, we provide this Privacy Notice to you with a brief description of our practices relating to collection, use, and sharing of personal and vehicle information. INFINITI collects information from you and your INFINITI vehicle. By activating, registering, subscribing, or using Infiniti Connection™ services and/or connected services via the INFINITI InTouch mobile app, you consent to INFINITI recording and using certain information for various purposes as more specifically described below, including without limitation, product evaluation and research and development in connection with the operation of your vehicle. Your vehicle is equipped with hardware and software used to facilitate collection and use of certain data described in this Notice. For additional details regarding the collection, use and sharing of personal and vehicle information through INFINITI Connection, please read the INFINITI Connection Subscriber Privacy Policy, available at


INFORMATION WE COLLECT: We collect information about you and your vehicle several different ways: (i) from what you and the dealer provide to us when you use INFINITI Connection™ or INFINITI InTouch app services during a trial period or demonstration mode, subscribe to INFINITI Connection™ or INFINITI InTouch app services, or buy or lease a INFINITI vehicle; (ii) from your use of your vehicle; (iii) from calls or emails between us or our third party service providers; (iv) from our wireless or satellite carriers; and (v) from the vehicle itself.


The vehicle and driving information we may obtain from the vehicle includes, without limitation, (a) information about the vehicle and its operation, including without limitation, Vehicle Identification Number, GPS and navigation information, speed and distance information, driving habit and style, diagnostic trouble codes, maintenance conditions, software version information, and other data to assist in identifying and analyzing the performance of the vehicle; (b) information about your use of the vehicle and any corresponding services, websites and smartphone applications; and (c) data about accidents involving the vehicle (for example, the direction from which the vehicle was hit and which air bags have deployed).


USE AND SHARING OF INFORMATION: You agree that we can, subject to applicable law, use any of this information we collect, and provide such information to applicable third party service providers or to any emergency contact designated by you to: (i) provide certain services to you or your vehicle (including, but not limited to, sharing that information with roadside assistance providers, emergency service providers, or others, as needed as part of our delivery of services); (ii) perform an analysis of service usage and maintenance conditions, (iii) communicate with you about your account; (iv) analyze the vehicle performance, and combine with and compare to data gathered from other INFINITI vehicle owners in order to be able to determine aggregate product usage; (v) help you to maintain the vehicle; (vi) evaluate and improve vehicle quality and any services related to the vehicle; (vii) prevent fraud or misuse of your vehicle or any related services; (viii) comply with the law and any and all legal requirements, including valid court orders; (ix) protect the rights, property, or safety of you or others; (x) offer you new or additional products or services; (xi) perform market research, or (xii) for purposes of processing the information collected. When required, we may share the information with law enforcement or other governmental authorities, or additional entities in response to a requested service by you or pursuant to validly issued subpoenas or court orders. We may also use your information to offer you new or additional products or services, or share with companies affiliated with INFINITI for joint marketing initiatives, subject to applicable law or your consent where required. We will not share personal information with any other marketers for their own use without your express consent. This list is not meant to be exhaustive.


You understand that, for quality assurance purposes, we (including our third party service providers) may monitor and record conversations between our (including our third party service providers) respective response centers and the vehicle occupants. We (including our third party service providers) may also monitor and record any calls coming into our (including our third party service providers) response centers from any source. Therefore, for yourself, the occupants and anyone contacting us on your behalf, you: (i) consent to all such monitoring and recording and, (ii) release us, third party beneficiaries and any wireless carrier(s) from claims, liabilities and losses that may result from any such monitored and/or recorded conversations.


We may use your information for any purpose or share it with any third party if we anonymize the information so that it no longer reasonably identifies you or your vehicle. Anonymization requires altering your information so re-identification requires use of only non-public sources. Wherever possible, we require third party service provider use of the information to be anonymized or protected in accordance with our information security policies. We limit who we share your information with and the legitimate business purposes for which it can be used.


YOUR CHOICES ABOUT COLLECTION, USE AND SHARING OF INFORMATION: You have certain choices about the information we collect, use or share. You may choose not to receive marketing communications from INFINITI. For questions and to unsubscribe from marketing communications, please visit or contact INFINITI through one of the various choices provided at the end of this Notice on “How to Contact INFINITI.” Please note that even if you choose not to receive marketing communications from us, you still may receive communications regarding the status of INFINITI Connection™ services, the INFINITI InTouch app, your account, and any other service related issues and updates that will allow us to provide you with the optimal user experience.


UPDATING YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION: It is your obligation to correct or update the subscription information provided when you subscribe to INFINITI Connection™ services, the INFINITI InTouch apps, or buy or lease a INFINITI vehicle when that information changes. If you do not notify us of a sale or transfer of your vehicle, we may continue to send reports or other information about the vehicle or the account to the address currently on file with us and/or new owner. In such case, we are not responsible for any privacy related damages you may suffer.


You may update this information by calling INFINITI Connection™ service support at 1-800-662-6200 or updating online at


SAFEGUARDING YOUR INFORMATION: We are committed to keeping your personal information secure. We have appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures and information security policies in place to safeguard your information from loss, misuse, or alteration. We limit access to personal information to individuals who have a business need consistent with the reason the information was provided. Wherever possible, we require our third party service providers to protect your information in accordance with our information security policies.


Because certain communications and information collected from your vehicle is provided through wireless and satellite networks, we cannot promise or guarantee that the communications will not be intercepted by others. You agree that INFINITI will not be liable for any damages for any loss of privacy occurring in communication over such networks.


We may keep the information we collect until we no longer need the information to provide services to you, to operate our business, to enable us to communicate with you, for our research, evaluation of use, or troubleshooting purposes, for our analysis to improve vehicle quality or services, or to satisfy our legal or contractual obligations.


CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY NOTICE AND CONSENT: INFINITI may need to update its privacy notices and policies from time to time as our business and services expand or change, or if we are required by law. If we do, we will post the most up-to-date version on,, If a material change is made, we will notify you to bring the change to your attention or where required by law, obtain your consent. You should periodically check for updates to make sure you are aware of the most current privacy notices, policies, and terms of service because any use of INFINITI vehicle after any change to this Notice, whether or not you have reviewed the updated privacy notices and policies, constitutes your acceptance of your consent as changed. You can access the terms of service and our Privacy Policy at,,


RELATED PRIVACY NOTICES: INFINITI Connection services are provided to you by Sirius, Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc. and is further governed by the INFINITI Connection Subscriber Privacy Policy referenced above. The INFINITI InTouch mobile app that we offer, are governed by their own privacy notice and terms of service that should be read together with this Privacy Notice. INFINITI privacy notices are available at,, Other third party service providers needed for delivery of the services, such as those companies that provide wireless services, and satellite radio services, also have their own privacy notices. Those privacy notices and subscriber terms and conditions are separate from this Privacy Notice. Please also refer to those privacy notices and your Subscription Agreement terms and conditions for more details and how your information is collected, used, and shared.


HOW TO CONTACT US: To contact INFINITI online you may click on the "Contact INFINITI" link at To contact Infiniti offline you can send mail to:


INFINITI Consumer Affairs

Attn: Privacy

P.O. Box 685003

Franklin TN 37068-5003


Or, during business hours, call 1-800-662-6200, Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT.


Or, visit the INFINITI Owner Portal website at or call the INFINITI InTouch Services and INFINITI Connection support line at 1-855-444-7244 or INFINITI customer support for INFINITI InTouch app at 1-800-662-6200.


December 2015